Savor the Sips and Mind the Drips

We need your help!

As California finds itself in a severe drought that may ultimately be declared the worst our state has ever seen, Mikuni steps up to find simple ways to try and conserve as much water as possible. We’re doing our best to maintain a precious resource and we think it’s safe to say that you will want to do your part too.

Let’s work as a team to help make a difference!

Instead of automatically placing water on your table, we will provide it only upon request. Need a refill? No problem. Our service staff will be happy to refill your drink when needed.

Our guests are our number-one priority and we want to make sure that you are satisfied while dining with us. We hope you’ll happily join us as we take action to limit water usage and become environmentally responsible stewards.

California Drought: Effective Tips to Help Conserve Water


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