Samurai $6,000 Sponsorship


General Benefits:

  • Complimentary Foursome
  • Lunch, green fees, and cart for four players.
  • Tee prize for each player.
  • Commemorative t-shirt and hat for each player.
  • Dinner for four players.

Social Media Recognition:

  • Dedicated posts on the tournament’s official social media accounts highlighting Samurai Sponsorship, including the sponsor’s logo and a brief description.
  • Tagging and mentioning the sponsor’s social media handles in relevant posts throughout the tournament.
  • Opportunity for the sponsor to provide promotional content (images, videos, or announcements) to be shared on social media platforms.

Exclusive Sponsor Benefits:

  • All-inclusive course games and contests
  • Customized sponsor gift with the sponsor’s logo and tournament branding.

Signage and Branding:

  • Prominent tee signage with the sponsor’s logo and company name at designated holes.
  • Additional branding opportunities on selected tournament banners and signage.

Program Recognition:

  • Full-page advertisement in the tournament program featuring the sponsor’s logo, company information, and a personalized message.
  • Enhanced program visibility by placing the sponsor’s ad in a prime location, such as the program’s inside or back cover.

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