At Taro’s By Mikuni you will enjoy a dining experience that promises to delight you with a completely unique menu of culinary possibilities. Chef Taro Arai takes you on a senses-stimulating excursion into a world of extraordinary flavors, compelling textures, and visual enchantment. Extending far beyond the realm of Japanese cuisine, his creations are designed to please every palate—from the conservative to the adventurous. So suspend your expectations. Prepare to dazzle your taste buds. And join us in embracing our three core beliefs:

FUN: We will amuse and entertain you, so enjoy!
No Taro’s = No Fun.  Know Taro’s = Know Fun.

FREESTYLE: Our chefs’ creativity is boundless.
Let your imagination challenge their talents.

FREAKY: Relax. Savor the flavors. And don’t even think about holding back.
Be sureak! (sushi + freak)


We accept reservations for parties of any number. Subject to availability.