The Mikuni story began in Fair Oaks, where one man’s quest for a better life for his family resulted in the opening of a restaurant whose name in Japanese means “kingdom of God.” What began modestly in 1987 has blossomed today into the true heart of the eight restaurants, as Mikuni Fair Oaks continues to represent the manifestation of conviction and perseverance—not to mention extraordinarily good sushi.

Skilled chefs use their mastery to produce an endless array of lively flavors, appealing colors, and mesmerizing textures, punctuated by lively banter that creates an ambience of welcoming warmth. Loyal patrons return again and again to the place where it all began, drawn to the tradition that consistently delivers culinary excellence and serves as a reminder of Mikuni’s early years.


Mikuni accepts reservations for parties of eight or more. Reservations will only be held for ten minutes. If the entire party is not present after ten minutes, the reservation will be for forfeited. The Mikuni Sushi Bar is seated on a first come, first served basis.

Mikuni Black & Blue Koki Club members may receive the “jump to the front of the line” privileges for parties up to four. Koki Club Black members may make reservations for parties up to four.