Mikuni’s restaurant in the historic East End Lofts building in midtown Sacramento is alive with the flavors of New York and San Francisco. Utterly cosmopolitan, it boasts a vibrancy and energy that generate an irresistible draw.

Art is everywhere in this ultra-cool restaurant—from the amazing intricacy of exquisite sushi rolls to the extraordinary beauty of female Japanese warriors whose likenesses adorn the walls. It is truly a place to see and be seen—amidst the bright lights, bold colors, and the undeniable hum of excitement in the air. And with its three sushi bars, drinks bar replete with exotic concoctions, and many large, flat-screen televisions, you may never feel the need to leave.


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The selection of restaurants in midtown Sacramento reaches new heights with the inclusion of Mikuni. Like all of our locations, midtown Sacramento reflects the exploding trend of locally sourced foods that are natural, fresh, and healthy.

Those in the know in the culinary industry predict that this trend will evolve into a farm-fresh approach to preparing foods, which translates to minimal processing. We stand out among midtown Sacramento restaurants because that’s a philosophy we have embraced since the very start.

At Mikuni, you won’t find compromise anywhere on the menu. We tenaciously adhere to a strong value system that doesn’t believe in settling for second-best—in anything. All of our food is impeccably fresh, meticulously created, and artfully presented. We maintain exceedingly high standards of excellence, ensuring that our loyal patrons know they’re always getting the best of the best every time they dine with us.

There’s a reason why we’ve grown from serving 30 people in our original Fair Oaks restaurant to welcoming more than 1.5 million diners in our eight locations. There’s a reason why we’ve expanded from five family employees to a staff of 600. And that reason is a promise to our customers—to ourselves—to hold fast to the values that helped us become the award-winning, Zagat-rated restaurant we are today.

Find out for yourself. The next time you’re exploring restaurants in midtown Sacramento, stop by Mikuni. Then sit back, relax, and prepare to be dazzled in every way.



Mikuni accepts reservations for parties of eight or more. Reservations may not be taken between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Reservations will only be held for ten minutes. If the entire party is not present after ten minutes, the reservation will be forfeited. The Mikuni Sushi Bar is seated on a first come, first served basis.

Mikuni Black & Blue Koki Club members may receive the “jump to the front of the line” privileges for parties up to four. Koki Club Black members may make reservations for parties up to four.