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Jeanne Mabry, Marketing Director of the Mikuni group of restaurants, said, "The best way Mikuni can judge their diners satisfaction and compare the consistency of service across the growing restaurant chain is to use the feedback from diners’ own personal experiences. "

"The information is so important to us because we can act immediately to correct a meal that was not up to our standards. And, we can identify training issues among our newer locations. Likewise, guests are quick to identify servers, chefs and other staff who go beyond their expectations. We like to recognize those employees periodically."

Participants of Savory Survey are automatically entered to win a $100 gift card for taking the time to complete an online survey.

Taro’s By Mikuni guests are directed to www.tarossurvey.com and Mikuni guests are directed to www.mikunisurvey.com on their dining receipts.

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